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About Us

Who we are

We are Christ-followers. Jesus Christ is our Hope and He has given us the commission to Be HOPE.


We Are HOPE.

We Help Other People Elevate by Helping One Person Every day.


By faith, we See, Reach, Teach and Mobilize people for God's Kingdom and Glory!

Myel Ministries Desperately looks for the POWs (Poor, Orphans, Widows - Prisoners Of this World) and liberate them through God's Power.

Myel Ministries serves and mobilizes the church to "seek and save the lost" while living out God's heart for the poor so all can grow in Christ to do the work of God's Kingdom everywhere.


In this world, where "being seen" has become more important than "Being" - The God Who Sees (El Roi) is revealing the unseen.

American cities continue to grow, but not everyone is benefiting equally. Marginalized communities are struggling with the economic, physical, and spiritual effects of poverty. The inner-city church, highly effective but often under-resourced, is addressing these needs through the transformative power of the gospel in words and deeds. And they are looking for partners.

Our Team

Taurus James

Founder / President